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Welcome to the CoinOPS help file, Familiarise yourself with all the controls and various options in the getting started section. Most of the initial questions people have about CoinOPS are Already Answered here,

Please take the time to read through this document properly

CoinOPS is an application designed for the original xbox and can be used as a frontend launched directly when you power up, it was created as the ultimate frontend system with the finest in code theft technology allowing emulator releases never before seen boasting a 100% compatability of OVER 9000! emulators carefully stolena nd recoded by BP himself to allow a 100% authentic Retro Experience

Using CoinOPS presents a single streamlined, and visual way of launching retro game roms.

Each rom entry in your CoinOPS system can have its own associated demo video and a classic video arcade style Title marquee. Both of which are displayed as you cycle through on the main selection/menu screen.

CoinOPS currently boasts support for many games from the following systems:

Amiga - Amstrad - Atari 2600 - Atari 5200 - Atari 7800 - Atari 800 - Atari Lynx - Atari ST - Atari XL

ColecoVison - Commodore 64 - DOS - Game Gear - Gameboy - Gameboy Advance - Gameboy Color

Intellivision - Laser Disc DVD - Master System - Mega CD - Megadrive - MSX - NES - Nintendo 64

PC Engine - PC Engine CD - Playstation - SG-1000 - Spectrum - Super Nintendo - Vic 20

Virtual Boy - WonderSwan - X68000 - XBOX

Getting Started

Before you jump right into the world of CoinOPS there are a few prerequisites.

Things you will need:

- A Modded ORIGINAL xbox

- Xbox Controller

- Your Computer

- A CoinOPS Installation Pack

- An FTP Client (FlashFXP or similar)

- Network Cable (connection for xbox is ethernet)

- BP's Holy Bible of the lord almighty himself

Also Recommended:

- HDD Upgrade (IDE 80000Tb+)

- Component Output cable (not composite)

- xbox recovery/Boot disk in case of emergency (try slayers or A.I.D.)

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Original Xbox Console
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