Coinops Wiki

Once you have got all your hardware together and have unzipped your coinops folder to a place on your computer,

you are ready to begin.

Set up your xbox and connect the network cable to your Lan router or Hub.

When you power on your (modded) xbox your default dashboard will have your assigned IP ADDRESS displayed somewhere.

This may be in a submenu screen depending on which is your default dashboard. (eg.

Enter the same IP ADDRESS into the ftp client on your computer, along with the username and password. (both are 'xbox') leave the port set as 21



connect to:

Username:  xbox

Password:  xbox

Port: 21

You should now be connected to your xbox via FTP and will see the Drive partitions/file structure of your xbox.

To install -

Transfer the entire CoinOPS directory to the xbox hard drive.

Common install locations are either E or F drives Under 'Apps' but is not essential.





Hint - DO NOT add to, remove or change anything on your xbox's 'C:' Drive.

Once the transfer has completed you can launch CoinOPS default.xbe from your xbox's existing dashboard.

This will be under 'Applications' or accessed via an xbox file browser.

*** If you would like to include coinops in your 'VISION' setup you should place your coinops directory here:

E or 'F:/Apps/Vision/- Vision media/CoinOPS' ***